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      Marvel's Avengers

      PSA: Marvel's Avengers is on sale before it's removed forever

      If you want to buy the game for a fraction of its original price, you'd best get moving.

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      Marvel's Avengers from Square Enix didn't prove to be the major success fans hoped it would be. Littered with microtransactions and live service elements, it scored negatively in the critic reviews and in the eyes of general audiences.

      Square Enix decided it was time to pack it in, and earlier this year it announced that the game would be delisted on the 30th of September. However, if you've wanted to see what all the fuss is about, now might be the time.

      Currently, Marvel's Avengers is 90% off on Steam, as well as the PlayStation and Xbox stores, making it £3 to buy and keep on Valve's platform, and nearly as cheap on console (around £4.50). Granted, it's worth mentioning the Xbox deal appears to be for Game Pass subscribers only. For some, this is enough of a discount to see whether the game truly was as lacklustre as people said. If you're wanting to check it out, though, act fast, as there's not a lot of time left before it goes away for good.

      Marvel's Avengers

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