PS5 is downloading the wrong games

Weird bug seems to be mixing up different game pages.

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In the last few days we noticed some very strange things happening while exploring our PS5 library of games. First, when we tried to download FIFA 21, the console started downloading Nioh: Complete Edition Remastered instead. Even weirder, this only happened with the PS5 version of FIFA 21, as we were able to download the PS4 version without any problems.

We were only able to solve this issue when we visited the game's product page on the PS Store, where we found an option to download both versions of FIFA 21. We chose that option, went to the downloads section, and canceled the PS4 version, leaving only the PS5 version downloading.

Even more bizarre was a bug regarding Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood, which simply disappeared from our library. We searched for the game on the PS Store and entered its product page, which to our surprise featured the Days Gone product page mixed with Earthblood DLC. Fortunately, it allowed us to download the right game.

At first glance, it seems that there are problems with the product pages and the player's library, mixing different art, images, and game links. We have not yet found reports of situations like ours, but it seems that other similar problems, such as listings of trophies on the player's profile that they never played or even own. We will continue reporting any progress in this situation.

PS5 is downloading the wrong games

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