PS4's DRM policy to protect "fragile" retail

Sony speaks out about reasoning for next-gen stance.

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Sony Computer Entertainment's European boss, Jim Ryan, has been talking about the reasoning behind Sony's decision to stick to their existing DRM policy when they launch Playstation 4 later this year.

Microsoft pulled a u-turn on their ill-fated decision to impose restrictions on used-games this week, and instead will follow Sony's example and leave things much as they are today.

Ryan, speaking to MCV, explained the company's decision was made in order to protect the "fragile" retail ecosystem as it exists today: "We understand the importance of used games for consumers and retail. We think the current model works and it should not be tampered with."

"The retail ecosystem is rather fragile. It's consumers that have driven the decision. But equally, trying to shore up a very fragile ecosystem in the retail area is something we are quite happy to do."

"We have the building blocks in place, I hope, to make a step change in the UK," he said regarding the issue that Playstation sales in the UK are now behind those of Xbox 360. "Because over the course of the cycle I don't think we got it quite right in the UK. We now have a number of things in place to help address that. And PlayStation 4 is hopefully the time all those things come together."

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