PS4 to be the best selling home console in Japan this week

Wii U was leading with more than 3.25 million units sold.

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PlayStation 4 is about to conquer the last market Nintendo holds in this generation's console war, being none other than Japan, where the local companies have been fighting hard for more than two and a half years. Since Wii U has so few new titles in 2016, though, the gap has been shrinking, and the new PS4 model seem to be the final blow.

Until September, the 11th Wii U was still leading with 3,259,894 units. PS4 has been at a standstill at about 3,120,000 units since Japanese consumers are waiting for the new version of the console. Could it sell more than 130,000 during its first week on the shelves? PS3 Slim sold more than 150,000 during its first week in Japan.

With no big hits coming to Wii U before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hits the system on March 2017, this overtake was just a matter of time. PS4 has sold more than 40 million units worldwide and Wii U is on 13 million, becoming the worst selling home console in Nintendo history.

We'll find out on Wednesday. What are your thoughts on this potentially overtake?

PS4 to be the best selling home console in Japan this week

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