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PS4: The Essentials

Weighing in at just over two hours, there was a lot to absorb as Sony unveiled their new vision of gaming's future at their New York event. Here's the thirteen things you need to know.

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PS4: The Essentials

1. The new console's called PlayStation 4.
Who'd have thought, eh?

2. It's due Holiday 2013.
Though exactly where, and for how much, isn't known.

3. There's a Dual Shock 4....
With touch pad, Share button (for uploading screens and gameplay videos), and a light bar.

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PS4: The Essentials

4. But no show of the console itself.
A lot of talk - and show - of the power under the hood, but nothing of the console design.

5. We'll be networked, connected better than ever.
Sony's purchase of Gaikai finally bore fruit as CEO David Perry outlined some impressive network capabilities of the new machine.

6. But developers will be first.
Emphasised again and again during the presentation was the fact that PS4 is developer-led, suggesting Sony's made sure the PS3 successor is easy to develop on.

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7. There's no native backwards compatibility least not at first, but Sony did discuss the idea of streaming PS1, PS2 and PS3 games through the PS4.

8. Existing franchises are getting new entries...
Be it Killzone: Shadow Fall, or a new Final Fantasy, PS4 is carrying icons of the past era over with it.

PS4: The Essentials

9...and there's a whole heap of new IP.
Jonathan Blow's latest The Witness will be a console exclusive. Capcom unveiled Deep Down, Evolution Studios introduced the cooperative racer Driveclub. Then there was the oddity of Knack. New names, new games.

10. Sony's gotten pally with Blizzard
Diablo III is coming to PS4 And that's not all - the companies have formed a "strategic partnership", with more reveals in the months to come...

11. Games releasing on both PS3 and PS4
Anyone worrying of a clear break between generations can rest easy. Diablo III and Destiny are both getting dual releases on Sony's platforms....

12....and Destiny's getting PS4 exclusive content
Talk about a gut-punch to Microsoft: Halo's creator is now doing exclusive stuff for their shared world shooter for the competition.

13. All these third-party developers are working on PS4 titles.

PS4: The Essentials

Squint, and you might be able to make them all out.

We'll have trailers, footage, impressions and reaction from across the industry to come over the next 24 hours, so keeping checking back for more news on Sony's announcement right here.

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