PS4 Firmware 7.50 goes into beta

The latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4 is currently running going through beta testing.

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With the latest firmware update finally dropping into place, all those PS4-users who signed up to be notified of future beta tests have now been informed, which came in the form of an email highlighting an upcoming update, version 7.50.

First noticed in a post by <https://mp1st.com/news/report-ps4-update-7-50-beta-invites-being-sent-out>MP1st</a> when a Japan-based user shared the email they received on Twitter before it then became more widely known. It was later noted in a forum on <https://www.resetera.com/threads/ps4-firmware-update-7-50-beta-testing-invites-being-sent-out-no-new-features-in-the-beta.172060/#post-29441616>Resetera</a> that this latest update does not bring with it any major changes.

The main features in this firmware update are that it introduces "quality of life and performance fixes." According to the previously stated Resetera post, the update email stated:

Please note, system software 7.50 does not include any major consumer-facing features during the beta period. However, you will find smaller quality-of-life and performance fixes and we would still love for you to help us test overall performance and stability.

Once we know more about the features included in the update, we'll let you know.

PS4 Firmware 7.50 goes into beta

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