PS Plus on PS4: "Eventually we'll get Triple-A titles"

"At the current state it's more for the smaller titles now."

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During yesterday's Livestream, Nordic Community Coordinator Casper Leise Andersson joined Nick Holmberg in the studio to discuss PlayStation Plus, the subscription service from Sony that offers free games and cloud saves to PS gamers.

After giving us an overview of the service, Andersson discussed the future of PS Plus: "What I can say is that the service will become increasingly better on the PlayStation 4, because PlayStation 4 is next-gen."

"It's one game at a time, and two on Vita and two on PlayStation 3, but you still have some games on the PlayStation 3 because the games just keep on changing, but on PlayStation 4 it's changing the game, and so it's just one game. The newest game is Outlast."

Later, when asked when we can expect to see a Triple-A game on PlayStation 4, he told us: "The PlayStation 4 needs to live some more, before we can actually put out these big titles. So at the current state it's more for the smaller titles now."

But when asked whether we'd see a major game released on the service in the future, we were told: "We continue to build on the service and make it continuously better, and of course the games should match the offer, so eventually we'll get Triple-A titles as well."


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