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Prototype 2

Prototype remasters struggle to best old-gen versions

Report: Testing reveals performance issues for updated open-world action series.

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The remastered versions of Prototype and Prototype 2 that recently stealthed their way onto Xbox One are, according to Digital Foundry, left wanting, in some respects even when compared to the old-gen originals.

During the report it's revealed that they tested the performance of the new Xbox One versions, and compared them directly to the originals on PS3 and Xbox 360, and the results are not at all impressive.

According to the report, the first game has the same draw distance as the original, runs at 30fps, but drops to 20fps with some screen-tearing when rendering on-screen explosions. Not a disaster, but perhaps underwhelming considering the power of the new console hardware. At least the visuals are a bit crisper thanks to the 1080p resolution.

The Prototype 2 remaster, however, sounds like a mess, with the report detailing stuttering cutscenes and intrusive screen-tear (at times the Xbox One remaster has lower frame-rates than both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions).

The report also states that the PlayStation 3 version regularly provides a smoother experience than its Xbox One counterpart. Ouch.

It's unclear whether these issues will be present in the PS4 remasters, which are set to be released on July 22. Time will tell.

If you're still intent on revisiting Radical's open-world series but don't want to buy both games at the same time, they will also be available to purchase individually in August.

Prototype 2

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