Protect your Analogue Pocket with Waterfield's latest pouch

The fabric case is both stylish and functional.

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Generally speaking, it's not easy to find official peripherals and cases for mini consoles and devices that are made by smaller-scale companies. Fortunately, Waterfield has taken this to heart and has now created a pouch specifically for the Analogue Pocket handheld system.

The pouch is made from fabric and is designed to both be stylish and to protect your Analogue Pocket from damage. It has space for the device itself, as well as up to two Game Boy-sized cards, and a USB-C cord to boot. The pouch can even double as a case for an iPhone 13 Pro Max or a Nintendo 3DS.

To see whether the Analogue Pocket Pouch is the case for you, check out the latest episode of Quick Look below, where our very own Magnus shares a bunch of facts and thoughts about it.


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