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Project X Zone

Project X Zone demo released

Try out 3DS crossover strategy brawler ahead of July launch.

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A Project X Zone demo is now available to download from the 3DS eShop.

The game, which is a Namco-published three-way crossover between that company, Capcom and Sega, pulls characters and locations from all three's catalogues into one RPG-lite strategy title.

Weighing in at 964 Blocks, the demo throws you right into the battle mode - a mix of Fire Emblem-style turn-based strategy and one-on-one fighting - with characters from Space Channel 5, Sakura Wars and Cyberbots. Don't worry, as there's a brief text-based tutorial at the start explaining the controls (just remember to juggle opponents!) and the demo is limited to 30 trials.

A second demo is due June 27, and the game is released in July. You can read our recent hands-on impressions here.

Project X Zone

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