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Project Spark

Project Spark's beta to end, launch incoming

All beta participants to receive free gift, base game will remain free.

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Team Dakota has recently sent out an email for all the participants of Project Spark's ongoing beta. The game will be officially launched on Xbox One and Windows 8 on October 7 in the U.S. and Canada, and on October 9 in Europe (and October 10 in Asia).

The company promises this is just the beginning of the journey for Project Spark. The beta participants get to keep everything they've earned, unlocked or purchased during the testing period, so all the effort was not for nothing.

All testers will also recieve some sort of gift thanks to their efforts (you can still join and get it if you want). The studio will be releasing Starter Kits to stores, but the downloading the digital game will always be free.

At the end of the month there will be new announcements regarding upcoming content titled Full Moon Howl and Nomadic Warriors. Nothing certain is known about the new content, but given their respective titles, we're predicting wolves and nomadic warriors.

Project Spark

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