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Project Spark

Project Spark revealed at E3

Game creation game shown off at Microsoft conference.

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Dave McArthy of Microsoft Studios introduced the crowd at E3 to new title, Project Spark. Designer Claude Jerome joined him on stage to demonstrate the title that promises to make a game out of making games.

Project Spark

The intention is for players to create their own experiences and characters and share them with other players. By using Kinect and Smart Glass the demonstration showed how players will be able to sculpt their own environments. They can add bases, behaviours, enemies, player characters and more. The creators promise the "anything goes in this game". The delights being shown included flying goblins, armies of ogres and a rock mech as well as players being able to manipulate landscapes as they face challenges such as creating a huge lava pits for enemies to fall into.

To demonstrate the flexibility on offer the demo also showcased examples of flying games, rpg types, 3D platformers, puzzle games and music games. Even though their claim of "an infinite number of ways to play, build and share" might be a tad optimistic, this should certainly be an experience that allows plenty of creativity and offers loads of replayability.

Project Spark
Project SparkProject Spark

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