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Project Spark

Project Spark: "anything is about everything"

We talk to Team Dakota about Conker, betas and content creation.

We caught up with Project Spark's gameplay designer, Claude Jerome, at E3 and found out more about the creative sandbox that's currently in beta on PC and Xbox One.

One major addition that's coming to Project Spark is Conker, and Jerome explained that they're still working out how to best implement the character in their game:

"We're really excited about Conker too, we think it'll be an interesting part of Project Spark. We're still experimenting with ways of how we bring him into our franchise in a way that enhances it for everybody and gives everybody the tools that they need to make a cool Conker experience."

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"With any character we have in Project Spark, the intent is totally to give you something that is whole, that has its own life and personality, and let you do whatever you want with that," Jerome added later.

"With our game anything is about everything, and nothing is neccesarily is stuck in what it seems like it's stuck in," Jerome tells us after revealing another recently added feature - the yeti pack - describing some of the different ways that players will be able to use the content in their creations.

Project Spark

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