Project Scorpio will play Xbox 360 games

Which may mean Microsoft's next console has 250 confirmed games.

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It seems that Microsoft is sticking to their word when it comes to the new Project Scorpio, as fans will be able to play all their Xbox One and even some Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility. Engineering Lead Mike Ybarra said on Twitter that "360 backwards compatibility will of course work on Scorpio."

This comes as no surprise, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said on many occasions that he wants you to be able to play your Xbox games across console generations and strives to achieve this moving forward. At least this will make the transition between consoles a little easier, as players will not have to suffer the early drought sometimes experienced with new hardware.

Backwards compatibility for the Xbox One came in late 2015 as part of the console's New Xbox Experience update. It has now added more than 250 Xbox 360 games to Microsoft's latest console and continues to add more.

Project Scorpio is set to go on sale in the holidays of 2017 and pricing has yet to be announced. The Scorpio's rival, the PS4 Pro, will launch November 10 this year priced at $400, but Microsoft has stated that the Scorpio is significantly more powerful than Sony's console, which may equate for the differences in release date. Do you like backwards compatibility as a feature?

Project Scorpio will play Xbox 360 games

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