Sakura Wars

Project Sakura Wars unveils Japanese intro

We also get a new trailer to mark the Tokyo Game Show, giving us an overview of the genre mashup.

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Project Sakura Wars is getting an Asian release in December this year, but for those of us in the West we'll have to wait until Q2 next year to enjoy the game, which is the latest in the Sakura Wars series.

This is a working title, and mixes JRPG and romance genres together with unique characters and music too. In fact, the new intro video showcases this perfectly, as you can see below. While it's in Japanese, you can still get a sense of the personality of the game, throwing us into a "romanticised version of 1940s Imperial Tokyo".

In Project Sakura Wars you'll have to restore the Imperial Theatre to its former glory, interacting with characters via the LIPS dialogue system, where your words and how you say them carry big consequences. Oh, and there are mechs called spiricle armour as well, which you use to fight with, and you can find out more on the game via the new overview trailer below as well.

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Sakura Wars

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