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Resident Evil Resistance

Project Resistance's trailer shows "team-based" experience

It's still "survival horror", but we'll have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show to find out more on the new game.

Capcom has been teasing us about something called Project Resistance, and now we finally have a teaser trailer for the game, showing four friends stalk some very Resident Evil-esque environments with spooky music over the top.

There are no prizes for guessing that zombies show up, and the four heroes take them down with a variety of weapons. We even get to see explosions, the iconic Lickers, and the huge Mr. X, who you might remember stomping around Resident Evil 2's remake earlier this year.

The trailer description says it's "a brand-new team-based survival horror experience", and the logos at the end reveal it's coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. More details are promised for the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, where Capcom's booth will be showing gameplay and letting fans try it out.

Is it all looking good so far?

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