Project Maverick

Project Maverick has now reached "full development capacity"

It's full steam ahead in the development process now.

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In October we reported that development is progressing well for Project Maverick, a game developed by People Can Fly (Bulletstorm, Outriders) on behalf of Xbox Game Studios.

We don't know what kind of title it is, but it was in pre-production six months ago and the studio was looking for people with RPG expertise. Given the graphic-heavy and violent action games the developer normally makes, it seems reasonable to believe that this will be an action game with role-playing elements, possibly even Gears of War-related (given that the studio previously made Gears of War: Judgment).

Now it seems that the studio has reached a milestone and via X it is now noted that Project Maverick has reached "full development capacity", which means that the planning and design of the title is complete, with the actual development remaining.

When we'll actually see the game remains to be seen, but it's unlikely to be during June's Xbox Games Showcase, as it seems reasonable to believe that it's a few years away from completion - though that hasn't stopped Microsoft from announcing games ahead of time previously.

Project Maverick

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