Project Kestrel cancelled by Remedy

The studio is instead deciding to focus on existing franchises.

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Recently, we reported on Remedy's pipeline of upcoming games, and there was a lot to focus on. Remedy had more than a few irons in the fire, from Max Payne remakes to a Control sequel and spin-off, it is certainly keeping itself busy.

However, in order not to stretch too thin, the developer has decided to cancel one of its projects. Project Kestrel was first envisioned as Project Vanguard, a free-to-play multiplayer offering that then went premium, and now has gone bust.

In a statement, Remedy explained the decision. "The decision to cancel codename Kestrel allows Remedy to focus more on the other games in its portfolio. Other ongoing game development projects will get experienced developers reassigned from Kestrel. In addition, the planned investment needs for Kestrel are removed and Remedy's overall recruitment needs are reduced," it wrote.

While there are bound to be some people disappointed by this announcement, it is hard to grow attached to a project we knew so little about, and it seems for the best that it was ditched rather than ploughing on without shoving money and time into Kestrel.

Project Kestrel cancelled by Remedy

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