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Project GG

Project GG is the second of the Platinum 4 games

Industry icon Hideki Kamiya directs yet another hero game about a boy fighting giant Kaijus.

The second star on the Platinum 4 website started shining a few hours ago. As promised, Platinum Games unveiled a new game on Famitsu. Opposite to the simple remastered version of The Wonderful 101, this is a whole new IP and also the first one totally owned by the company. A big project without a real name at the time, so they call it Project GG.

Hideki Kamiya leads a new team located in Tokyo in this ambitious venture. Formed by just 15 people now, Platinum is hiring and plans to have at least 100 men involved. "We're taking on challenges that Platinum has never taken on before", he said to Famitsu, as translated by Gematsu. Atsushi Inaba added that they want to launch in all platforms, but time will tell.

Project GG is a hero game in the line of other Kamiya Games, but different. So, "where Viewtiful Joe is Kamen Rider-esque in that one guy transforms into a hero, and The Wonderful 101 is more like a group of people transforming into heroes, Project G.G. is a giant hero-esque title". Inaba refused to put it into one single genre, but "it would be something-something, action, something-something", and his pal replied that "while its feel as an action game is important, it is not a game solely focused on action."

This is the second game hiding in the new website. We don't have a clue about the other two remaining games but Inaba teased the last one a little bit: "The last one is a secret. We're doing something very Platinum and interesting. Look forward to it."

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Project GG

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