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Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3 will start its engines this August

Slightly Mad's new racer is almost ready for another lap around the track.

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Namco Bandai and Slightly Mad Studios have just announced that the highly anticipated third entry in the popular racing series, Project Cars, now has a launch date. What's more, we won't have to wait too long since Project Cars 3 will be available on August 28 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The new racing game will include the largest car roster in the history of the franchise, new tracks (including locations such as Interlagos and the roads of Tuscany), a complete and extensive Career Mode, and more. Other novelty features include the authentic car upgrades, the customisation options for both cars and drivers, and improvements to the assist system that should ensure that even beginners feel at home without too much trouble.

We recently took a look at Project Cars 3 and you can read our impressions of the game over here. Before that, though, you should check out the new screenshots below.

Project Cars 3
Project Cars 3Project Cars 3Project Cars 3
Project Cars 3Project Cars 3Project Cars 3
Project Cars 3Project Cars 3

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