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Project CARS 2

Project Cars 2's career mode detailed

It's returning, but with some big changes.

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Bandai Namco has announced that the career mode will return for Project Cars 2, with changes and additions made "to both enhance the experience of the ultimate driver journey and to empower drivers with more room for progression."

For example, the career now spreads 29 motorsport types over six tiers and five disciplines, and drivers can race their way up through grassroots racing like karts to get to the top of the ladder, or they can jump straight into top level racing to enjoy a shorter, tighter career.

Drivers have a choice of how to win one or all seven Lifetime Goals, which range from dominating the same championship each year, winning three blue riband events, or winning three different disciplines. The Tier system is a big part of this career, as drivers can choose to follow either one discipline, working from lower tiers to higher tiers, or jump between disciplines. This system has been overhauled as well, so as to give drivers a better sample of the cars and tracks in the game, also including a modern classic revival-style race series.

Each series will also gives players the option to either play a full or a shortened calendar, and on top of that drivers can also change the duration of each race and enable/disable practice and qualifying sessions.

Contract offers return too, but this has been changed as well so players have more choice in what team they sign for, as well as the choice of what car they drive. Manufacturers also invite drivers to take on challenger events in career modes too, so they can become a factory driver as well.

Invitational Events have also been improved, as these events, which take place away from the normal career flow, can be entered at any time and can be played as often as you like. They're designed to represent a variety of categories and car classes that racers don't usually get to try in their career, which is why this change has been made.

On top of all this drivers will also be racing for Trophies, Accolades, and Lifetime Goals throughout their career, and you can check stats and achievements both online and offline in new ways.

Does this sound like a significant improvement on the previous career mode?

Project CARS 2
Project CARS 2
Project CARS 2Project CARS 2
Project CARS 2Project CARS 2Project CARS 2
Project CARS 2Project CARS 2Project CARS 2

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