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name is hector rubio. follow me on twitter @WHITEDEATH2178. you can sent me a firend request on xbox live to WHITE DEATH2178. I'll try to blog once a week if want me to talk about something just let me know what that something is about and if i know alot bout it then ill write it

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  • Written by: WHITEDEATH2178
    2012-05-24 14:12
    WHat do you all think would happen with halo 4?
  • Written by: austinboss
    2012-04-24 21:12
    can i have a beta key pleaes have a code cause i love all the ghost recon games.so pleaes let me have a beta code.you could answer me at any time.

    Added 2012-04-24 21:17:
    I'll add u on xbox live then you could give it to me
  • Written by: Kelvin978
    2012-04-24 07:47
    Hey of I add u on Xbox live will u tell me how to get the beta of ghost recon future soldier
  • Written by: Kreazeran
    2012-04-23 04:23
    plz tell me where i can get a beta code for ghost recon future soldier iv been looking everywhere

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