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Gillen McAllister has not yet written a presentation.

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  • Written by: dwarf24
    2013-10-15 18:57
    Hi Gillen have read a lot of Your texts and watched some of oyur videos for GR
    Know that somewhere in this Galaxy of Ours
    In the Outskirts almost
    on a boring solar system
    on blue green little planet
    In small country With browncheese
    Beatifull nature
    and People who make clothes like this

    There is someone who appreciate Your work. Hope ypu keep it up
  • Written by: Parkour Gamer
    2013-01-28 21:49
    Wow, this place is really empty! The norwegian and swedis part of GR are, like, overloaded with people.
  • Written by: we guy
    2012-05-06 14:14
    how do u ghost recon future soldier
  • Written by: GeorgeAK
    2012-02-18 22:09
    I've a question: My name doesn't appear on the community list w/ the online points...
    Is it beacause I have singed in the GR germany?
  • Written by: pet
    2011-10-17 21:42
    nice preview you made on skyrim. I really want that game now
  • Written by: Strategist
    2010-11-16 00:10
    Hi. Good to see a new editor of with native english. Hope you'll be able to take to a new level and especially make the forum grow.

    Good luck with the job!

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