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Pro Evolution Soccer's Adam Bhatti on licensing strategy

The focus is on partnerships.

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Licensing is a big topic for both FIFA and PES this year, with Bayern Munich, Juventus and Manchester United all agreeing deals with FIFA, while PES have struck deals with Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool.

When Gamereactor talked to Brand Manager Adam Bhatti about PES 2017 at Camp Nou during a Q&A at the Barcelona reveal, he was asked about licensing and the licensing strategy for the game.

"When we were asked at [E3] about our license strategy we mentioned that we would be revealing the full list at Gamescom", Bhatti said. "However, even back then we said we were focussing on partnerships and now we can prove what we meant, but [Barcelona] isn't the only one we'll be speaking about".

We also asked about whether they are worried licensing certain teams will drive away fans of their opposition, such as Real Madrid fans now that Barcelona and Atlético Madrid are licensed. "We always have that challenge, I mean, it's not just a case of partnering with one team. This kind of relationship is not your usual video game partnership. We feel like we're entering into the family.

So you are right, there's always going to be a risk of some fans being upset so what you do then is, by partnering, you make sure it's the biggest club in the world, you make sure it's the most supported club in the world, it's the one that plays the best football, it's the one with the best players. It's not by alienating other fans it's just that we wanted to make it more of a statement".

He continued by saying that "we're trying to create a product which is authentic, which is real, using real football, using tactics, visuals, new stadiums, all these things, and we just wanted to use a partnership to really show off these new features the best that we can".

On the topic of the big Barcelona announcement, Bhatti said "this is the first and certainly the biggest, but it's not the last."

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

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