For Honor

Prince of Persia swirls up For Honor's sandy crossover event

Well, at least we'll see the Persian Prince in one of Ubisoft's live titles...

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Before Ubisoft discovered the economically lucrative live service games market for itself, the publisher had some really great single-player series. The legendary Prince of Persia is undoubtedly part of this past, but the magical prince has yet to return to his people after his last adventure, The Forgotten Sands from 2010.

For years now he has been lost somewhere in the sandy desert, but today Ubisoft sent us a promising sign of life. They just started a big crossover event with the old brand in their online brawler, For Honor.

The time-limited 'Ruler of Time' game mode in which dangerous sand creatures await us is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This variant of Dominion plays out on the Harbor map and it has another twist, because at a certain point during the match the prince appears on the map, armed with his legendary Dagger of Time and ready to kill the heroes who dare oppose him.

From March 19 on, this two-week-long event will enter its second phase, and for that, the prince turns into the dark version of himself (we remember him well from The Two Thrones). Ubisoft won't tell us what will happen until next week, but it will certainly be exciting. The event comes to close on April 2.

In addition to the new game mode, another quest is waiting for us in the Arcade mode and there are items reminiscent of Prince of Persia to gather as well (you can get a look at them in the pictures below). Finally, in another Battle Pass we can climb 30 levels to unlock a few things that will no doubt make us even sadder about the golden age of ancient Persia.

For Honor
For HonorFor HonorFor Honor

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