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Pokémon Go

Prime minister of Norway caught playing Pokémon in parliament

But she maintains there is nothing wrong with that.

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The Pokémom Go craze is still going strong throughout most of the world, even though the popularity has dipped some since this summer. When it comes to the Norwegian government, however, catching them all is still very much on the agenda.

In fact, the Prime Minster of Norway herself, Erna Solberg, was caught playing Pokémon Go this week, while attending an address in the Norwegian parliament, Stortinget, on October 4.

While the leader of Norway's Liberal Party, Trine Skei Grande, was speaking, Solberg picked up her phone to play a bit of Pokémon Go. This was soon noticed by people seated behind her, and before you long the situation reached social medias like Twitter.

When confronted with her play session later, Solberg claimed she is more than capable of handling the game and listening to speakers at the same time. This is a sentiment she shares with Skei Grande, who has been know to play a bit of Pokémon Go herself.

"She heard what I said, we ladies can do two things at the same time you know," Skei Grande commented.

Apart from playing Pokémon Go, after being challenged to do so by her sister, Solberg is also an avid Candy Crush player. Do you think it was okay for her to play and listen at the same time?

Pokémon Go
Tom Henning Bratlie/Klassekampen

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