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Prey's Typhoon Hunter drops December 11

Includes multiplayer and singleplayer VR experience.

The final content drop for Prey's Deluxe edition and Prey: Mooncrash, Typhoon Hunter, will arrive for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 11 adding a new multiplayer mode and a singleplayer VR escape room-esque experience. Early next year a VR version of the multiplayer will arrive on PC and PSVR.

Below you can read up on the official descriptions of the new modes that Typhoon Hunter introduces and check out the trailer:

• Typhon Hunter multiplayer: a heart-throbbing multiplayer version of hide-and-seek where one player, as Morgan Yu, is stalked by five opponents playing as Mimics, who hide in plain sight as everyday objects before seizing upon their prey. Morgan must hunt down and destroy all five Mimics before time runs out. Typhon Hunter VR, which puts the Morgan player inside the virtual world, will release in early 2019.

• TranStar VR: a single player, VR-only escape-room-style campaign that thrusts the player into the shoes of TranStar employees, where they will have to complete objectives and solve intricate puzzles on Talos I, just days before the events of Prey. TranStar VR will be available for both PC and PSVR.

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Prey originally launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in May 2017 and its Mooncrash expansion added a roguelike-style procedural experience in June 2018.


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