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Praey for the Gods

Prey for the Gods "playable" on Xbox One and PS4

No longer a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign, but covered by the basic target.

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Prey for the Gods' Kickstarter page shows the game being played on a PS4 and Xbox One.

They also announced that no stretch goal will be required for the console versions. "We had to respond to the outcry from fans as people were pledging substantial amounts, without even a working computer, just for the chance that we'd hit a stretch goal. So we took it upon ourselves last week to shift our priorities and focus on getting the game to run on consoles. We were surprised and incredibly excited by the results. Within days, we had them playable and running @30 FPS, un-optimized! At that time, we knew we needed to take another look at our stretch goals. We also took this time to be a little more explicit with how we intend to use the funds. Namely, showing that we wish to hire an in-house animator and in-house world builder".

No Matter Studios also promised that "if you back at $25 you will get the console version of your choice without fear of not hitting a stretch goal".

The future is looking bright for Prey for the Gods, then, and those of you eager to see more of it can check out ome neat pre-alpha gameplay here

Praey for the Gods

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