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Prey (2006)

Prey (2006) looks great with a full HD overhaul

It's unlikely we'll get another Prey game anytime soon, but this may tide you over.

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While we got a spiritual successor in 2017's Prey, the 2006 original is still remembered as a classic FPS title. The cinematic trailer for Prey 2 set expectations incredibly high for a sequel that never came to be, but there are still plenty of people wanting more Prey.

In fact, an updated mod might give the 2006 title a new lease on life. Prey Hi-Def, which can be found here, is a new mod that gives the game high-poly models, shadow and lighting details, and even 4K textures.

This doesn't take away from the original nostalgic visuals of Prey, but instead gives them a much-needed improvement. Considering Arkane seems pretty busy with Redfall right now, and it doesn't seem like Bethesda is working on anything besides Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, so for a few years at least mods like this might be the best way to get some Prey content.

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Prey (2006)

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