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Memories of Mars

Memories of Mars - Alpha Impressions

We recently took a trip to the Red Planet to check out Limbic's new open-world survival game.


There's a new trend that seems to fascinate the wider world of gaming, at least in terms of setting. If the interest in post-apocalyptic scenarios, where we're tormented by fatal calamities, radiation, and hostile wildlife, is seemingly coming to an end, now there's a new planet beyond Earth that's just begging to be explored: the mysterious and fascinating Mars.

Among the titles set on the fourth rock from the Sun there's the recently released Surviving Mars, but there are more on the way and with that in mind Limbic Entertainment is ready to take us to the Red Planet via its new and exciting open-world survival game, Memories of Mars. Recently, we were given the opportunity to get our hands on an alpha build of the game during a virtual event hosted by the developers, so we could better understand what the German studio behind Tropico 6 and the Might & Magic series is ready to offer players with their intriguing sci-fi adventure.

Players, alongside either friends or perfect strangers (each server contains up to 64 people), are called to explore the dusty red planet, this after the first colonisation of Mars failed a hundred years previously. Now, though, it's time for humanity to finally put down some roots. Or at least, try to. However, what makes our stay on this inhospitable world so exciting, but also particularly challenging, is being able to stay the course without succumbing to alien creatures, other survivors, and the many threats that will jeopardise our lives as we encounter them.

Memories of Mars

But no man is an island, and the best way to survive such a hostile world is to co-op with other players. Helping each other will make it much easier to find the resources and raw materials that'll be useful when creating your base, as well as ammunition, oxygen (which, as you can probably imagine, will be absolutely vital to your survival), provisions, and much more. The simplest and most immediate way to be able to grab these basic necessities is, of course, to try your luck and take advantage of a naive survivor from another faction, trying to kill them and take their equipment. It's clear that, despite being the quickest route, it's also the most dangerous, since the person in front of you has exactly the same objectives and, consequently, they won't give up easily. The risk of dying at the hands of another player is therefore quite high.

There is, however, a very interesting element that we noted during our time with the game; there are limits to what you can loot from the bodies of your enemies (and sometimes, even those of your fallen teammates), because if you're carrying a lot of materials and too much equipment, you'll find yourself literally stuck to the ground with no way to move. Therefore, it's highly recommended that you carefully evaluate which materials or items you want to keep and what to remove from your inventory, because the risk that an enemy will surprise you while you are overburdened is always lurking, and this would mean near-certain death.

Memories of MarsMemories of MarsMemories of Mars
Memories of MarsMemories of Mars
Memories of Mars