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My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia

Pathea Games is crafting a DIY adventure, so we visited Portia to see it for ourselves.

  • Text: Kieran Harris

There's something oddly therapeutic about a great farming simulation RPG. You can easily sink an unhealthy amount of time blissfully exploring cartoonish worlds, crafting better resources, and hopelessly seeking a shot at marriage. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon is My Time At Portia, an indie sandbox RPG that has a unique focus on building and a charmingly adorable animated style that even Nintendo would be proud of. The title entered Early Access on January 23 and we were able to take a quick look at it before its scheduled release later this year on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

For fans of the genre, My Time At Portia's well-worn premise should feel pretty familiar (after all, it has become pretty much a staple at this point). You play as a young builder who has been left his father's workshop after he departs once more on a worldwide expedition, and after patching up the holes in your tattered workshop, you're then left to make yourself at home in the quaint town of Portia, gaining your builder's licence and undertaking commissions and odd jobs for its townspeople. Following a relatively painless introduction, you're then let loose to explore at your own leisure, taking on as many commissions as you like and becoming more familiar with your surroundings.

With you being one of the town's five builders, demand is understandably high and most of your time will be spent gathering resources and crafting at your workshop. Materials can be found by scouting the open world, chopping down trees, mining in abounded caverns, and slaughtering innocent creatures (like pink fluffy llamas, you monster). There's even the opportunity to craft new furniture to kit out your new crib, with each item also bringing character upgrades as a result. Obviously, grinding is an expected part of these types of games, but here it just feels a little too excessive. Early in the game we were tasked with building a bridge to the unreachable Amber Island and that required that we craft two new workstations before we could even start work!

My Time At PortiaMy Time At Portia

Diving into the abandoned ruins that surround the town proved to be a nice change of pace from gathering materials in other areas of the game. After paying an extortionate entry fee, we were handed a jetpack and a relic scanner and were left to tunnel with our pickaxe in the dark as we searched out rare collectables. The relic scanner allowed us to examine our surroundings to pinpoint the location of any rare relics, and the jetpack proved handy in allowing us to soar out of any dug-out holes. Later mining locations are also filled with deadly creatures to slay and they offer a dark and claustrophobic setting, which contrasts with the bright and cheery world outside.

My Time At Portia
My Time At PortiaMy Time At PortiaMy Time At Portia

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