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Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces - TGS Impressions

The world's fastest mammal is back for yet another adventure, and this one might end up being his most ambitious yet...


All hail Eggman! After years of struggle, Doctor Robotnik has finally thwarted that obnoxious hedgehog and taken his rightful place as the ruler of the world. Wait... what? Yes, it would appear that is the actual setup here; Sonic and friends are losing the war, and 99% of the planet has already fallen to Eggman's army of robots. Mayhem is reigning on a global scale, and the darkness has brought change to many beloved areas. Entire cityscapes are in ruins, and the Green Hill Zone has started to wither. This is probably the closest we get to a post-apocalyptic Sonic game, and the battle to reclaim the world will begin in just one month when Sonic Forces is released on all major platforms.

After several years on Nintendo systems, Sonic is finally returning to PlayStation and Xbox, and the synopsis for the game alone is enough for us to get excited about his comeback. The conflict is on a larger scale than ever before, and so is the cast of characters, as pretty much every single animal that's ever been part of the Sonic mythos is joining the rebellion, with Eggman having his own companions as well. Classic villains such as Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Chaos are back, and they're being led by a mysterious new baddie called Infinite, so it'll be great to see all of these familiar faces gather for the big showdown.

One mustn't forget that the blue hedgehog's honoured us with his presence once this year already when he returned to his roots in the critically acclaimed Sonic Mania. The 2D platformer was developed by community members and die-hard fans, but the upcoming Sonic Forces is a different beast entirely. It's being developed by Sonic Team in Tokyo, and they're continuing their tradition of three-dimensional Sonic games, like Sonic Generations and Sonic Unleashed.

Sonic ForcesSonic ForcesSonic Forces
Sonic Forces

We know what you're thinking: Sonic isn't always at his best when being portrayed in three dimensions. We get that. But Sega believes that there's room for both types of Sonic experiences now, and we actually agree with them. It's great that old school fans can enjoy Sonic Mania, but it's not a bad thing that Sega is trying to reinvent their mascot to attract brand new fans at the same time. And to be honest, Sonic Forces might just end up being the hedgehog's most ambitious adventure to date.

During our time in Tokyo last month, we got to take a tour of the Sonic Team offices and check out some of the key features in Sonic Forces. In more ways than one, the game seems like a big best-of compilation. For starters, they're bringing back the adorable Classic Sonic character from Sonic Generations, a game where two different incarnations of the hedgehog cooperated to stop Eggman. In Forces, the Modern and Classic versions of Sonic will once again meet up and have their own separate levels, the older Sonic running, jumping, and spin-dashing from left to right, just like in the good old days. One of the levels in the game is called Casino Forest and is obviously inspired by the Sonic Spinball levels of old. The newer iteration of the character will, on the other hand, run forward and use homing attacks, just like it worked in Generations.

Sonic ForcesSonic Forces
Sonic ForcesSonic Forces