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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II - Hands-on Impressions

We played Assault on Theed and experienced some of the changes to the sequel first hand.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Star Wars Battlefront II was showcased at EA Play this past weekend. Streamers were shown playing a multiplayer Assault battle in the city of Theed, on Naboo, which fans of Episode I will be familiar with. After the presentation, we got to play the same battle on PlayStation 4, where we were placed on the team of Clones trying to defend the assault from the separatist droids.

The first phase of this saw the droids deploy a transporter to try to reach the gates of the royal palace. The second phase required the droids to capture two control points just inside the palace. The third and final phase takes place in the throne room, which the clones have to protect from the droids. The attackers here have a finite amount of lives to achieve victory, much like in other games with similar modes.

We found the battle here a lot more tactical than anything we played in the first game. Although the game mode isn't too different, there were more benefits to deploying certain tactics. It wasn't just a case of shooting the enemies until their number of respawns diminished; because there was such open space in the first phase, for example, attacks on the transporter needed to be carried out carefully to avoid being shot to pieces. Snipers were therefore useful, as well as flanking and grenades, and there was a particular emphasis on protecting those with ion disruptors, the weapons that could deal significant damage to the transporter.

Star Wars Battlefront II

This was helped by the class system, which allowed us to choose between four classes. The Specialist class, for instance, lends itself well to long-range combat with the sniper rifle, whereas the Heavy class could be deployed for greater firepower at close range. Each has their own abilities, weapons, and attachments. All of these classes could also be customised as well, with different Starcards and weapons being available for each, so you can tailor the experience to suit you. We were given a few options in this regard; among our favourite Starcards were the ones that meant we gained some health when killing an enemy being, and we certainly appreciated being given the choice.

Star Wars Battlefront II