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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

A sequel was only a matter of time.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

The wait for a continuation of the story first started in Lego Marvel Super Heroes has been a long time coming, but it's finally on the horizon, and this time it's time itself that's the central theme.

Like they did with Lego Dimensions (and even more so with The Lego Batman Movie story pack for the same game), TT Games is mixing things up by blurring different Lego-centric realities. While Dimensions gives the company license to merge different Lego universes and third-party IP together in strange and sometimes beautiful ways, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (or LMSH2, as we'll call it from here on in) throws time into the mixer instead, and as a result we see our Marvel-themed heroes exploring different periods of history, as well as even meeting historical versions of themselves.

What this essentially means is lots and lots of characters to unlock over the course of the game. This collecting of digital characters has always been at the core of the experience for long-time fans, those who like to get the most out of the Lego games whenever they drop (and they drop with unerring regularity these days), and LMSH2 will include a "vast" number of characters to find and collect for those that way inclined.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

The story stars the usual smorgasbord of Marvel characters, including this time The Guardians of the Galaxy, here more prominently after their brief cameo at the end of the last game (because TT was onboard before they were cool), starring alongside some equally familiar faces. This ragtag assortment of heroes will be doing their damndest to undo the evil of Kang the Conquerer, a bad guy who's messing around with time itself. The story sounds bonkers, but in a good way, and speaking to Arthur Parsons from TT Games while at a hands-on event in London, it sounds like they've managed to tie it nicely into the fiction that comic book fans know and love.

The focus on time allows for new gameplay mechanics and even the odd paradoxical encounter. In terms of mechanics, you'll be able to use portals to access different eras, because why not, but you'll also be able to use time on a more granular level, rewinding and replaying events during both action sequences and when puzzle solving. It's going to be another element that requires players to think outside the box. The time mechanic also means that the open-world that links the story together is a mishmash of different Marvel realities (18 of them, apparently), and we saw what looked like Vikings and cowboys running around during the demo.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2