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Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem

The Saints Row developer has made a game that feels like... well, Saints Row.

  • Text: Sam Bishop
Agents of Mayhem

So far we've heard bits and pieces regarding Volition's upcoming Agents of Mayhem, such as the fact that we'll be playing as these amoral Agents fighting against an evil force in South Korea. However, we finally got some hands-on time with the game during a preview event in London and there we got to see how the Saints Row developer's latest project delivers these wacky, off-the-wall ideas. After all, it's not like they haven't done these kinds of things before.

In the demo we played a handful of missions, one being a tutorial, another being an Agent introduction, with the rest offering some insight into the missions you'll be taking on and the different agents you'll be using along the way. Story-wise, there's not much to say that hasn't been said; you're an Agent of Mayhem charged with taking down Legion, an evil private army terrorising the world, but each hero is an amoral figure doing it for their own reasons. As you might expect, this manifests itself in characters who don't play by the rules, who make wise-cracks, and who pretty much just work for themselves.

The trouble with these agents is that their personality can often be painfully unfunny. The whole point of them being amoral is to skew the expected hero portrayal and make them rebellious and edgy, much like we saw in Saints Row, but we were surprised when we heard the unimpressive dialogue. In the opening mission, for example, you play as Hollywood, a reality TV star turned soldier, Fortune, a Colombian ex-sky pirate, and Hardtack, a big guy with a shotgun. The interchanges between these three resembled a kid's cartoon in a lot of places, but with clichéd lines spiced up with swearing, producing this very weird disconnect. This did pick up as we played, as Daisy's story mission produced some more believable and humorous moments, but for the most part it felt like it was trying too hard.

Agents of Mayhem is set in the Saints Row universe, and we didn't even have to play the game to understand that. As we walked in the door, the whole room was adorned with purple, the colour of the 3rd Street Saints, with big Fleur-de-lis symbols everywhere you look, the symbol of the Saints. But that's not all, as the agent called Kingpin is Pierce Washington from the Saints Row games, and there's plenty more references to be found. If you're a Saints Row fan, you'll definitely find nods and references to appreciate here, even if the story isn't directly tied to that of the Saints.

Agents of Mayhem

You'll especially like it if you're a fan of Saints Row IV, however, if you're more of a fan of the earlier games, the ones more grounded in reality, but that still had the tongue-in-cheek approach, and if you didn't get on with the later, more whacky games, this probably won't be for you. Agents of Mayhem is high-octane, unrealistic, colourful action through and through, and the tongue is more bursting through the other side of the cheek rather than in it, as there's almost no serious content - it's all laughs here, even if there is a private army killing millions of people.

This applies to the gameplay too. Obviously this will change based on which agent you choose, as they all have different weapons and gear, but the gist is that you control them in third-person, in an open-world, and shoot at enemies (like you do in Saints Row), with the emphasis here is on quick movement and never standing still. Triple jump helps with this a lot, and this added manoeuvrability means the action is kept constant, so you're never bored, and when we played on the slightly easier difficulty provided to us by Volition, even then we found standing still was a sure fire way to get yourself killed.

Agents of Mayhem
Agents of MayhemAgents of MayhemAgents of Mayhem