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Little Big Planet Karting

Little Big Planet Karting

Sackboy, karting and the "Play, Share, Create" concept are three of William Ho's favourite things.

He is the design director at United Front Games (makers of Modnation Racers), and he counts himself blessed to be working on a project that incorporates said three things. Media Molecule, creators of Little Big Planet, tasked United Front Games with making the inevitable Little Big Planet Karting.

After spending an hour with it I'm glad to announce that the game is in good hands. It clearly comes across as a Little Big Planet title. Everything from the charming design to the editing tools look the part. Even parts of the game engine have been carried over from Little Big Planet 2 in a effort to make fans feel right at home. The biggest difference is obviously that Sackboy is now riding a go-kart.

Little Big Planet Karting

All the elements we've come to expect from a kart racing game here, where eight players compete in imaginative courses filled with obstacles. The tracks have also been equipped with various Weaponators that can be used to make things more difficult on your opponents. One such ability transform your vehicle into a massive boxing glove that knocks everything in front of it out of the way, much like Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Wii.

The weapons come across as a bit unbalanced at first glance with several different homing missiles that make it painful to lead the pack. A good thing in this regard is that you can use all weapons in the opposite direction as well, and with skills and good timing you can avoid incoming missiles by using your own item as a shield. Other than that the controls feel as perfectly loose and perfectly in line with the genre's best. The drifting also has a nice feel to it.

Little Big Planet Karting

Fundamentals aside, this game is all about customising your experience. There is a character editor that is as deep as in the Little Big Planet games where you can fit sun glasses, afro wigs, and clothes on your sackboy. You can even give your own little Sackboy a beard made out of bacon (apparently William Ho's fourth favourite thing).

Little Big Planet Karting
Little Big Planet Karting