Pre-orders for the Playdate go live this July

Several new games for the handheld system have also been announced.

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Panic has confirmed that pre-orders for Playdate, an adorable little yellow handheld console with a hand crank, will go live this July. Along with opening up pre-orders, the company also announced a new accessory and several new games for the console's first "season."

The new accessory is a dock which is a stereo Bluetooth speaker that can charge your Playdate and play its sounds out loud. As noted Panic, the dock also has a pen holder on top and when used it enables the Playdate to resemble the look of a radio.

When it comes to games, the Playdate will now include 24 titles within its first 12-week season and users will be able to download two new games each week. Some of the new games that Panic has announced for the system are Questy Chess by Dadako, Battleship Godios by TPM.Co Soft Works, and Flipper Lifter by Serenity Forge.

You can find out more details about Playdate here.

Pre-orders for the Playdate go live this July

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