PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator is getting Final Fantasy VII themed DLC

Have you also dreamed of cleaning Cloud Strife's dirty motorcycle with a power washer? Then we have good news.

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PowerWash Simulator became one of the breakaway hits of 2022, and it felt like the whole world of video gamers spent their time cleaning things. As always when something gets really popular, more want in on the fun and this game is no exception.

Now Square Enix reveals that they will release a Final Fantasy VII themed DLC for PowerWash Simulator called the Midgar Special Pack. Here you will get to power wash things, places and enemies in Midgar, with 7th Heaven, Hardy-Daytona and Guard Scorpion being specifically mentioned.

To make things even better... it's free. No release date has been revealed yet though. Will you get this and make Midgar sparkly clean?

PowerWash Simulator

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