PowerWash Simulator

Power wash SpongeBob's house in PowerWash Simulator

A new collaboration has been announced, but we cannot help but wonder how dirty SpongeBob's house can be in the ocean?

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Few would have predicted that making things shine with a digital power washer would be so incredibly satisfying, but PowerWash Simulator has certainly become one of the hottest simulators in a long time. Much of the success can be traced to all the exciting collaborations with other brands that have allowed us to clean Lara Croft's personal mansion from the Tomb Raider series and Midgar from Final Fantasy.

Now the next guest appearance has been presented with a short trailer that this time takes our laundry company under the sea and all the way down to Bikini Bottom, home to none other than SpongeBob SquarePants himself. This time, however, it is not a free update as it has been in the past, but an expansion that is priced at $8 that fortunately includes more content.

A total of six different levels will be included in the package that will serve as a mini-campaign where iconic locations and objects such as Conch Street, the Bikini Bottom Bus, the Krusty Krab, the Patty Wagon, the Invisible Boatmobile, and the Mermalair are included. In addition to this, the character model has also been adapted to better fit into the distinctive style that SpongeBob's colourful world offers.

Although we don't yet have an exact date for when the package will be available to us ordinary power wash-starving divers, it is said that we will get to visit SpongeBob's beloved Bikini Bottom sometime this summer.

PowerWash Simulator

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