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Potential new Nintendo NX details emerge

It's portable (but plugs into a TV), has detachable controllers, and a Nvidia Tegra processor.

Details about the upcoming Nintendo NX console have emerged online and according to reports it will be a portable console.

The NX will be a powerful console with its own display when functioning as a handheld device, however, it can also plug into TVs for gaming as well. Two detachable controllers on either side of the console will factor into this too and a base station can be used when it's not being carried around. The console will also use cartridges, which seems easier given its status as a handheld device as much as a home console. In terms of software, very little is confirmed apart from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, although Splatoon and Smash Bros. have been rumoured as potential ports.

It is likely NX will run on a totally new operating system, not on Android, and that the new technology in the console would rule out backwards compatibility. In terms of processing power the NX will use Nvidia's mobile Tegra processor which is a surprise for those who thought AMD would provide the technology. This Tegra processor won't compete with existing consoles in terms of power, being focussed around energy efficiency as well as performance, but it seems with the dual functionality that Nintendo aren't interested in directly competing with Microsoft and Sony anyway, especially since there are reports it will not run on the x86 architecture that is used to power the PS4 and Xbox One. The Tegra X1 in the NX development hardware has a fan noise when it's cooled, but maybe this could be simply a development processor before they use the Tegra X2, of which there are few details about. If they do go with the Tegra X1, that will certainly run at 1080p although lower resolution would allow for more detailed imagery.

Currently the NX reveal is slated for September so it remains to be seen how much of this is cold, hard fact and how much of it is rumour, although the amount of sources confirming some of this intel would indicate that they are mostly, if not totally, correct. It would also appear that, given the somewhat unclear promotion of the Wii U upon release, the NX instead has a simple selling point - take your gaming along with you.

Potential new Nintendo NX details emerge

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