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Port Aventura World's new attraction will be Uncharted

Nathan Drake's adventures will have a presence at the theme park in Spain with an attraction inspired by the film.

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There were lots of rumours about what was being built at the Tarragona theme park, Port Aventura World. And everyone who peeked over the fence knew that something big and very, very secret was being built there. And at last the veil has been lifted and the surprise has been revealed: The new attraction at the Port Aventura World theme park is an Uncharted rollercoaster.

The new roller coaster will be inspired by Nathan Drake's famous video game series and is also a direct reference to the film. This collaboration brings Port Aventura and Sony together in a long-term agreement in which we wouldn't be surprised if other PlayStation IPs have their own space.

This new roller coaster is due to open in 2023, and although it is not yet confirmed, the idea is gaining momentum that it will be based on a system of carriages that can rotate 180 degrees, making part of the ride in both directions and orientations.

And if we go even further, there are also rumours that Universal Studios is considering reacquiring the park from its current owners Inverindustrial. Something that (if we let our imaginations run wild) could mean that in the medium to long term future we could see Uncharted rides next to a Super Mario World area.

Port Aventura World's new attraction will be Uncharted

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