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Assetto Corsa

Porsche "a special virtual driving experience" in Assetto Corsa

We talked with Porsche's Sebastian Hornung about the collaboration.

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When we tried out Porsche cars both in real life and in Assetto Corsa the other day, we noticed a amazing connection between the between the two, and on the same day we also interviewed Sebastian Hornung from Porsche to learn more about the collaboration.


Although the work on the new DLC has been an ongoing effort for the last year, Porsche and Kunos actually started collaborating "I would say three years ago" at the Frankfurt Motor Show, according to Hornung. By then Porsche was already interested in finding a partner who would create "a special virtual driving experience for the community", and that led to the several AC simulators installed at both Porsche Experience centers, its factory and even real circuits "to get the track knowledge".

The interview touches more upon this "two-dimensions" cooperative work, including special requirements by the manufacturer and data shared beyond "the cad files", obviously with special care being taken about sensitive intel.

Branded content manager also describes the amazing cars brought to Vallelunga directly from the Porsche Museum in Sttutgart, besides the tested 911 Carrera/4S and the aforementioned 918 Spyder, and including some modern and historical classics such as 2015 Le Mans winner 919 Hybrid. It's a "good mixture of a broad variety of cars" that will be available in-game as well.

Are you a fan of Porsche?

Assetto Corsa

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