Project: Playtime

Poppy Playtime developer, MOB Games, to launch a free-to-play co-op horror experience this December

It's called Project: Playtime and will be coming to Steam next month.

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The developer behind the terrifying Poppy Playtime has announced that it is working on a free-to-play cooperative horror experience known as Project: Playtime. Seemingly designed as an expansion of this creepy universe, the game will be coming to Steam very soon, sometime in December to be exact.

The game was announced by the developer yesterday, in a tweet, which stated, "We are thrilled to announce our next game... Project: Playtime, is coming to Steam this December. Project: Playtime is a free to play co-op horror experience, where you and your friends must try to survive the unspeakable horrors that lay waiting deep within the Playtime Co. factory..."

Otherwise, the announcement concludes by adding that MOB Games has been working on the game for six months now, and that it will continue to tease what the exact project is on the lead up until launch next month.

Project: Playtime

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