Police trolled by crocodile in flooded puddle

Luckily they saw the funny side of the prank.

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The people and police of Cholesbury, a village in South Buckinghamshire, UK, were given quite the shock when they went to investigate a flooded puddle recently. There were multiple reports of a crocodile lounging in the puddle, and so it seemed like one of the massive reptiles had found itself very far from home.

Police officers quickly discovered that there wasn't a crocodile in the waters, but instead just a plastic toy head that had been placed there as part of a prank. The police had fun with the crocodile head, writing the following statement on Facebook (via Sky News)

"Crikey! It's not every day that you get sent to reports of a crocodile in flood water near Cholesbury. Do not be alarmed, the croc is now with us at the police station. Did you know that it is not that difficult to tell alligators and crocodiles apart? One will see you later whereas the other will see you in a while."

Police trolled by crocodile in flooded puddle
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