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Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is set to host its first Halloween event starting on October 20

A brand-new creature and several spooky cosmetics are on their way.

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Pokémon Go isn't the only game in the series to be celebrating Halloween this year. Tencent has revealed via a brand-new trailer (which you can watch above) that Pokémon Unite will hold a spooky in-game event of its own October 20 - November 7.

Perhaps the biggest new inclusion here is a brand-new Pokémon known as Greedent. This squirrel-like creature first made its debut within the Sword and Shield games, and it will be the 26th overall Pokémon to be added to Unite. Within the trailer, we can see Greedent rapidly firing seeds at its foes and using its oversized belly to crush opponents

Along with this new creature, several new cosmetics such as a pumpkin Pikachu mask and a candy-filled backpack will be available for purchase. New seasonal-themed Holowear for Charizard, Lucario, Blastoise, and Eldegoss are also on the way, and so are new frames and backgrounds for your Unite Snapshot.

Pokémon Unite

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