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Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is inviting Canadian Android users to beta test in March

We also received a quick update on the game's current status.

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After receiving thousands of dislikes on YouTube last year following its botched reveal strategy, The Pokémon Company has now provided a few further updates on Pokémon Unite.

A new blog post on the official Pokémon site states: "More playable Pokémon have been added, changes and additions have been made to the gameplay, the visuals have improved, and much more."

A beta will also be held this March but it is restricted to Android users based in Canada. Here The Pokémon Company is encouraging those over 16 to participate, as they are hoping to deliver "the best possible experience" when the game launches. It should be noted that streaming or capture is not permitted and that in-game progress will eventually be reset.

Pokémon Unite is planned to launch sometime in the near future on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Unite

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