Pokémon Sword/Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield are getting two new expansions

The DLC, named The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, will be released in June and Autumn this year respectively.

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During today's Pokémon Direct, Game Freak announced that Sword and Shield will be getting an expansion pass featuring two expansions that will bring in new areas, storylines, Pokémon, forms and characters.

For a long while, Game Freak has traditionally released an updated version of its Pokémon games that have brought a lot of various tweaks and updates that usually improved everything in the game. For example, this was the case with Crystal, Platinum and Ultra Sun/ Moon versions. It looks like those days are over, however, as the expansion pass will replace the new versions through the power of DLC and will work with your current save file.

Both of the expansions promise similar new features, but there are a few differences. The Isle of Armor will release in June this year and is apparently based off of the Isle of Man, which explains all the large amount of beaches, dunes and caves present. The story will focus on a fighting dojo with a master named Mustard, and there's even a new rival that depends on your version; Klara in Sword and Avery in Shield. There's also a new, stupidly cute legendary Pokémon named Kubfu who evolves into Urshifa in addition to new gigantimax forms for your starter Pokémon.

The Crown Tundra is inspired by the cold lands of Scotland and instead features a large snow-covered landscape for you to explore and endure. This expansion introduces another new legendary Pokémon called Calyrex and will focus on heading into the depths of the Pokémon Dens. There's even a new co-op mode where players can team up and encounter legendary Pokémon from the previous games as well.

Perhaps the most exciting part is that both of the new locations in the expansion are very similar to the Wild Area, except this time they'll be even bigger with more things to do in them. Of course, there'll also be over a hundred new clothing items for you to try out and play dress-up with along with all sorts of new Pokémon forms like Galarian Slowpoke.

Speaking of past legendaries and new forms, 200 Pokémon from prior games will be added through both The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra that will be free updates for everyone else. Whilst this still falls short of the overall amount of Pokémon from past games, it does bring it a lot closer to the full total. In addition, the cloud storage service Pokémon Home will launch in February next month to allow for some of your past Pokémon to finally join you in the Galar region.

The expansion pass itself can be pre-purchased for £26.99 right now on the eShop, and anyone who picks it up now can get sweet little Pikachu and Eevee uniform to show off your excitement. Whilst the cost seems a little high it is a fair bit cheaper than buying a whole new game thankfully.

Just to tide you over, there's also an update releasing today for Sword and Shield which will allow you to meet Klara/ Avery depending on your version along with giving you a Galarian Slowpoke. If that's somehow not enough then the remake of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red/ Blue Rescue Team should definitely keep you occupied.

Are you planning to pick up the new expansion pass?

Pokémon Sword/Shield

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