Pokémon registers trademarks for Pokémon Wander and Fusion Arts

This was spotted by several users on Twitter.

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It has been revealed that Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. have registered trademarks for the terms Pokemon Wander and Fusion Arts. This was noticed and reported on by several different users on Twitter.

According to GamesRadar+, Pokemon Wander is related to food, drink, accommodation, and education. It's unclear what it might take shape as, but we've seen the franchise go to some weird and wonderful places in the past. If you can recall, Pokemon Smile, a smartphone app that encourages children to brush their teeth, launched last summer.

Fusion Arts, however, is the more exciting one, as it's said to be related to gaming and toys. Besides this, nothing else has been revealed on the term, but we couldn't imagine it being the name of a Pokemon game, as they have mainly stuck to the same naming convention.

Pokémon registers trademarks for Pokémon Wander and Fusion Arts

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