Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon remake hitting Switch in March

Rescue Team DX will be released on March 6, and there's even a demo available soon for you to try it.

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The first games in Pokémon's rougelike spinoff series, Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue, are getting a remake called Rescue Team DX for the Switch on March 6 along with a demo that'll be available later today.

Standing out from the usual type of Pokémon experience you'd find in the main entries, the Mystery Dungeon series put you in control of a human that transformed into a Pokémon in a world solely inhabited by them in order to save it from a disaster.

Whilst plenty of the rules from the main games you know stay the same, the Mystery Dungeon series sticks close to the traditional roguelike formula with procedurally generated dungeons, enemies moving when you do, and wiped progress upon failure.

You can catch the demo later today on the Nintendo eShop. Will you be giving it a shot?


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