Pokémon Legends Arceus

Pokémon Legends Arceus will have a segmented open world

The game will have a world that is split like a Monster Hunter game.

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Last week, we reported on how Pokémon Legends Arceus might not be a complete open world alike The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as many had hoped it would be when the reveal trailer for the game was released. Now, we can follow up this confirming that the game will in fact, use a segmented open world as is often found in Monster Hunter games.

Revealed in a statement from Nintendo to Kotaku, the structure for the game will see players heading out on missions to specific "open areas of the Hisui region" to complete tasks, where upon the conclusion of this, players will need to return to the hub location of Jubilife Village to once again pick up a new mission.

"In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Jubilife Village will serve as the base for surveying missions. After receiving an assignment or a request and preparing for their next excursion, players will set out from the village to study one of the various open areas of the Hisui region," said Nintendo to Kotaku. "After they finish the survey work, players will need to return once more to prepare for their next task. We look forward to sharing more information about exploring the Hisui region soon."

Despite the fact that we won't be getting a seamless open world as what we originally did hope, Pokémon Legends Arceus will be bringing a few exciting new features that we haven't yet seen in other Pokémon games, such as what seems to be real-time combat, and even the new Noble Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends Arceus

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